Gemstone Radiance Tool Kit | själ skincare
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Gemstone Radiance Tool Kit

Experience the restorative benefits of healing crystals with själ's introductory gemstone tool kit. Consisting of: tumbled amethyst stone (1), tumbled rose quartz stone (1), tumbled hematite stone (1), and scolecite wand (1) and acupressure + gemstone massage card. Used as a system with själ products, this stones provide added energy and healing benefits to targeted areas.


Rose Quartz:

essential for nurturing, calming, and healing

  • skin benefits: can help calm and sooth redness and reduce tension ( which can help relax facial expression and lead to fewer lines in the future); known to stablize blood circulation and improve blood flow
  • mind/body benefits: grounds, nurtures, and helps to manifest unconditional love and forgiveness
  • corresponding chakras: Heart, Solar Plexus, and Sacral



essential for cleansing and purifying

  • skin benefits: stimulates tissue regeneration and can calm irritated skin; can also relieve tension headaches, eye strain, and sooth itching
  • mind/body benefits: known as "nature's tranquilizer", this stone promotes awareness, peacefulness, and contentment; wards of negativity
  • corresponding chakras: Third Eye and Crown



essential for energizing while grounding

  • skin benefits: has natural cooling properties and helps de-puff the delicate eye area while promoting circulation
  • mind/body benefits: grounds, stabilizes, energizes, and protects; helps to balance meridians and provide equilibrium to mind, body, and spirit; enhances thought memory, and concentration
  • corresponding chakras: Root



essential for calming and awakening the heart

  • skin benefits: known to promote circulation and relaxing tension 
  • mind/body benefits: facilitates deep inner peace and spiritual transformation
  • corresponding chakras: Heart, Third Eye, and Crown

Type: Unknown Type

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