Revitalizing Trio | själ skincare
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Revitalizing Trio

A refined selection of Själ classics that provide the ultimate “beauty cure” and leaves skin velvet to the touch. Cela’s benefits are maximized when used as a system with Kura Intuitif and further strengthened when enhanced with Saphir Concentrate. As a day crème, cela brightens and detoxifies skin while minimizing pores. Cela nourishes skin without irritiation and provides the perfect base for makeup use while improving skin tone and elasticity. Kura works best as a night crème. Its luxuriously rich, silky texture easily absorbs into skin and provides restorative and regenerative benefits from daily stressors  such as: harsh water, pollution, and makeup use. Själ’s signature saphir concentrate “liquid silk” treatment naturally counteracts the signs of aging and helps regulate the production of excess sebum and keeps skin hydrated. Face oil should be applied to cleansed face, before crème.

Set contains:

  • saphir concentrate 1fl. Oz/ 30 mL
  • cela intuitif 1oz. / 30 mL
  • kura intuitif 1oz./ 30 mL

gemstones/ minerals:

  • gold
  • copper
  • platinum
  • silver
  • själ signature gemstone blend ( diamond, ruby, citrine, amethyst, sapphire)
  • pearl

Type: Unknown Type

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