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Increase Your Energy with this DIY Recharge Massage

Every living organism needs copper to survive. It’s an essential mineral our bodies use to produce enzymes that help your organs, including your skin, to function. In fact, the body cannot build collagen and elastin without copper.

själ’s kura intuitif (intense hydration and repair cream) contains copper complexes that protect and energize the skin, as well as help it build collagen and elastin. It’s terrific for an everyday moisturizer but we also want to share how to use it for an energizing facial, with the aid of a copper wand.

The copper wand is a nifty little tool, about half the size of a pen, which recharges your cells when it comes in contact with your skin. Not only does it have antimicrobial properties, copper is an extremely effective energy conductor. Humans have used it for thousands of years to promote energy, revitalization and circulation. sjal Copper Wand

Perform your energizing facial massage on a cleansed face. Place yourself in a quiet room, lighting a candle if you wish. While you do this, concentrate on what you’re trying to achieve: self-trust, clarity of mind and balanced energy. If it helps, imagine the Chakra as a vibrant color that the wand and moisturizer are spreading through your body. Pick a color you associate with increased energy.In alternative medicine, cooper is used (among other things) to balance the 7 Chakras, which are the energy points in our bodies that connect our physical, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual selves. The concept of Chakras dates back to 17th century BC and spans across multiple traditions and beliefs, including Hinduism and Buddhism. Balancing the Chakras gives us focus, increased energy, health and well-being.

sjal Copper Energizing Massage

You’ll start at the Third Eye Chakra, which is the 6th of 7 Chakras. The Third Eye is found at the midpoint of your eyebrows, and is the energy that connects us to our intuition and observation.

Activate this ‘sixth sense’ by forming light clockwise circles at the middle of your brow, and then glide the wand toward your temples, alternating sides, until you’ve reached the top of your forehead. Start with a light touch and increase the pressure if desired. If you’re using the copper wand, you will actually feel the energizing effect it has on your skin, as your cells react with the electricity the copper is emitting.

You’ll continue this outward gliding motion beneath your eyes, following their contour toward your temples. Then go from the bridge of your nose toward your ear, and under your nostrils, following your cheekbones.

Place the wand in the middle of your upper lip and draw it down the side of your mouth to your jaw line, alternating sides. The last step is to trace your jaw line from the chin to the earlobe. 

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