Founders - själ skincare


Founders Karen and Kristin Petrovich

"We wanted to develop a luxury skincare line that was simple to use, highly effective on all skin types and most importantly, founded on holistic principles. Our challenge has been balancing science, nature, wellness and beauty in a way that is intuitive, and functional for a modern lifestyle."

Created by mother and daughter duo, Karen and Kristin Petrovich, själ has been cited as the pioneer of integrative luxury skincare.

Karen and Kristin noticed that the majority of skincare lines on the market were all-too-detailed with often confusing regimens. This concept of extensive skincare lines seemed to be more for the benefit of the producer rather than the consumer.

Karen and Kristin began their quest to create a simple regimen addressing multiple concerns with a minimal amount of products. They sought out to create a nutritionally balanced, integrative skincare collection that was free of fillers and harsh chemicals. It was their goal to create an effective yet efficacious product, which worked immediately as well as long term.

To design the most comprehensive and well-rounded products on the market, Kristin and Karen decided to merge their personal interest/studies of Eastern and Complementary Medicines with the latest in Western Biotechnology and research.

They consulted with experts ranging from research scientists, biologists, herbalists, nutritionists and holistic medical practitioners. Additionally, they studied degenerative aging diseases such as diabetes, AIDS and cancer in their efforts to obtain the most cutting-edge and progressive ideas for healing, repair and anti-aging.

To date, the själ team continues to consult with specialists in order to produce well-balanced and effective skincare. Both Western Bio-Sciences and Eastern Medicines are assessed and blended to provide the formulaic knowledge base for the entire själ collection. By utilizing the finest ingredients combined with the latest in bio-physics and bio-chemistry, själ has been able to achieve the brand’s mission with over 200 ingredients and multiple formulation approaches which have been bound together to create a lifestyle product of both today and tomorrow’s generation.

Karen and Kristin have highly valued and embraced the insight and direction from the worlds of Chinese, Tibetan, Ayurvedic, Homeopathic and Vibrational Medicines. These extensive ideologies combined with European and Japanese Bio-Technology, reinforces the entire objective of creating a truly lifestyle oriented product base with a timeless, yet contemporary edge.

Karen and Kristin have been involved in every aspect of the business since its inception and continue to be the visionary force behind själ skincare.