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Gemstone Skincare Explained

Själ Orbe Eye Contour Crème, $180

More and more we’ve been seeing crystals and gemstones popping up- from  personal collections to even skincare. These lines boast the holistic healing power of gemstones and precious minerals, but what exactly are the benefits, and how do these stones work to create the most unique and effective skincare regimen?

Själ co-founders Kristin and Karen's unique line of skincare is simple- built on the philosophy that few products with significant power do the job best. They've been incorporating gemstones and minerals in skincare since 2001. "Eastern medicine has been using them for 4,000+ years, and western medicine is now beginning to embrace them.  As our body’s energy system naturally resonates with crystals and precious minerals, (as they act as semi conductors) it also helps with delivering a natural energy to harmonize and balance."

Själ uses gemstone energy in a few different ways- incorporating eco-cert micro powders (amethyst, ruby, sapphire, diamond, citrine) and colloidals with liquid suspension of particles with platinum, gold and silver. Själ also uses liquid malachite in the highly potent bio-regeneratif serum, $275 to help protect against EMFs as well as a platinum peptide complex, which uses the same cell targeted delivery system used in cancer medication.  The final step is programming products with gemstone subtle-body energetic blueprints for energy enhancement.

Gemstones and crystal use are highly personal depending on the needs of the person.  However, some the most popular and effective ones to have in one's beauty arsenal are: rose quartz, amethyst, and blue sapphire.  Here’s how the physical benefits intersect with the mental:

+ Rose quartz- ideal for self-love, harmony, calming and anti-redness (connects with the heart chakra.) Rose quartz is a natural calming stone, which has a positive, glowing effect on the skin. Found in Balans [deep pore cleanser], $75

+ Amethyst- ideal for rebalancing, tranquilizing, healing and anti-inflammation (known to help with intuition and the third eye/brow chakra.) Both rose quartz and amethyst are great for using in liquids, creams, baths, tonics, and oils. They can be used in elixir or powder form. Found in Kura Intuitif [intense hydration creme], $260

+ Gold- helps boost DNA, regenerative, and anti-microbial. Overall beneficial for whole body. Found in Kashmir Saphir [perfecting mask], $150

+ Blue sapphire - clearing and connecting, throat or third eye chakra. (For a spiritual stone, many like to use a blue sapphire. In eastern traditions sapphire is known to connect the mind and the body. It is also is believed to help with clarity and divine connection.) Found in Saphir Concentrate [anti-aging face oil], $175

These benefits come into play through our electronic exchange with crystals and gemstones. We are made up of water, tissues and minerals, and our bones have a crystalline structure. Just as we have an electronic exchange with the earth, we have an electronic exchange with crystals, gemstones and precious minerals. They vibrate at a higher frequency, which naturally gravitates toward the weaker cells in our body.  This energy enhances the energy of the products, as well as the power of other ingredients. They work within our body’s own energy system, which helps to balance and harmonize us. 

Thus, our skin, as well as body, can look and feel more alive, even and clear.  You can actually feel more calm, energized and even grounded depending on which stones and treatment you chose.

Outside of her products, Själ founder Kristin Petrovich’s favorite way to incorporate raw stones into her beauty is through gemstone baths, facial massages, and wands.

“I love bathing with stones. Soaking with stones is such a peaceful experience, and the stones are really doing the work for you. I find they are great for meditating, which is very natural and easy to do in the bath. Of course facial massage would be another favorite, because you see instant results. [Gemstones] feel great on the skin and have a positive effect on the mind. Using a roller is another great way to incorporate stones into a facial massage- when using a roller or a wand, just think of the benefits or results you are looking for when choosing a stone. I prefer to do gentle moves in an upward direction, gently canvasing the face helping to provide the skin with the particular energy of the stone. I find the wands to be more versatile as you can perform roll-ups, acupressure, lymphatic drainage, cranial and neck.

This is why we created the Gemstone Radiance Toolkit- the scolecite (white wand) is deeply relaxing, and is great to use as it helps connect the crown and heart chakra and relaxes the facial muscles. The hematite stones are made of oxygen and iron, which are wonderful as eye treatments. Stones such as amethyst and rose quartz are tumbled, and can be used for relaxing massage or acupressure.” 


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For more recipes, tips, and information on the allure and benefit of crystals and gemstones, check out Elemental Energy: Crystals and Gemstones for a Beautiful Life, available at

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