Cellular Recharging Set



Reawaken your skin’s natural luminosity and firmness with this perfecting at-home anti-aging treatment. Consisting of Pearl Enzyme Exfoliator for deep exfoliation with activated crush pearl, Kashmir Saphir mask, moisture-rich Kura Intuitif crème, and a copper wand for added energy and microcirculation massage, this treatment provides unparalleled restorative benefits to recharge and reinvigorate dehydrated, damaged, and stressed skin. Advanced ingredients and extraordinarily rich textures showcase a luminous complexion with each use and makes this set a stable in any skincare treatment.

benefits of copper wand:

 Copper wands are highly energizing and increase cellular energy. When used to perform facial massages, these wands function as semi- conductors and stimulate targeted energy to area. This allows the ingredients to easily penetrate skin for maximum performance while promoting microcirculation and clarity for added restorative benefits.  Wand comes with facial massage instructions and usage guide.

set contains:

  • one Kashmir Saphir [perfecting mask] 1 oz. / 30mL
  • one Kura Intuitif [intense hydration crème] 1.7 oz. / 50 mL
  • one Pearl Enzyme [exfoliating mask] 10 mL
  • copper wand + massage card
  • packaged in a själ gift box


gemstones/ minerals:

  • gold
  • copper
  • platinum
  • blue sapphire
  • blue copper
  • pearl
  • silver
  • själ signature gemstone blend (diamond, ruby, amethyst, citrine, sapphire)