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Getting the Most out of your Skincare Products

We often focus on what’s in the face-care products we use but equally important are the techniques we use to apply them. Outlined below are several practices själ recommends to ensure your skin receives the highest level of benefits these products and active ingredients provide.

Apply thin to thick: This is a general rule for layering or combining products, meaning no matter what you’re applying, apply products with the thinnest consistency first. (Sunblock is an exception to this; see next tip for more details).

själ co-founder Karen Petrovich explains that this thin to thick method “enables smaller molecules to penetrate the skin faster, as well as providing a hydrating base.”

In practice, this translates to applying själ mineral källa energy tonic followed by an optional layer of bio-regeneratif serum, and then a moisturizer such as cela or kura intuitif.

Understand where protection fits in: Broad-spectrum SPF should be the last product on your face, before applying make-up. That’s because sunblock works as a barrier protection against UV-rays. If sunblock is the first thing applied to the face, the skin may not be able to absorb additional products. More importantly, layering moisturizers, serums or tonics on top of sunblock may compromise or break down its protective abilities.

Use 1 or more facial masks to deep clean and perfect the skin: Facial mask treatments are terrific for lifting dirt stuck deep inside pores, as well as rehydrating and rejuvenating the skin. Själ recommends performing mask treatments 1 to 3 times a week.

Here’s a 3-step process that uses a cleanser and 2 face masks to cleanse the skin, exfoliate and polish it, and finally, tone and perfect it.

Balans, själ’s deep pore cleanser, is the first step in this DIY mini-facial treatment. Washing the face with warm water allows the pores to open and removes excess oil, product or dirt so the masks can penetrate the skin effectively.

Pearl Enzyme is själ’s gemstone exfoliating mask, and is applied to the skin after cleansing, and left on for 10 to 15 minutes. This mask polishes and exfoliates, detoxifying pores and gently removing dead skin.

The third step uses Kashmir saphir, själ’s silky and soothing perfecting mask, to even skin tone and minimize pores. And of course, apply your preferred moisturizer as usual after this deep-cleanse.

Explore different ways to use your products: Many products are versatile and function in multiple ways. For example, mineral källa energy tonic functions as a hydrating toner to apply after face washing, but you can also spray it on lightly on your face as a refreshing mist or to set make-up.

Själ co-founder Kristin Petrovich uses mineral källa and then applies saphir concentrate, själ’s anti-aging face oil, for a silky finish that’s beautifully refreshing in the summer.

And speaking of refreshing, both orbe (själ’s eye contour crème) and kura intuitif (intense hydration and repair crème) can be refrigerated and applied around the eyes for a cooling, de-puffing effect.

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