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The Art of Layering

With the amount of products and complexly extensive skincare regimens out on the market, it's no wonder so many people feel overwhelmed when deciding on a regimen or even just a product to try. But, how can someone have a customized regimen that's perfect for their skin, without the hassle and confusion of a 15-step routine? 

This was an issue that inspired själ founders Karen and Kristin Petrovich to create a simple, refined, yet accurately targeted and effective anti-aging regimen; essentially a line that does all the hard work for you. Both avid users of luxury skincare, Karen and Kristin wanted to make "practical luxury" accessible to all. själ offers a total of nine versatile products with a new product, Diamond Lumière, launching fall 2018. Each product is powerful and effective individually, but offer a unique level of customized benefits when layered, mixed, and combined into a skincare regimen based on your unique hydration levels. 

Each product in the själ line is multifunctional and versatile and can be customized with other själ products based on: your skins current needs, the results you are looking for, or just if you're looking to try something new! Are you tired or dehydrated? Try a hydrating, moisture-intensive combination. Does your skin feel congested? Look into a detoxifying combination.

Check out our favorite själ skincare combinations:

The Ultimate Anti-Ager

This skincare product combination features the Bio-Regeneratif Serum [active energy lift] and Saphir Concentrate [anti-aging face oil] for an intensely hydrating and nourishing yet silky, plumping, and glowing treatment for the skin. 

Directions: Pump your usual amount of Bio-Regeneratif Serum into your hand after cleansing and toning. Add a few drops of Saphir Concentrate face oil to serum, with the amount of oil depending on the amount hydration and luminosity is desired. Mix together and apply to face, follow with själ crème of choice.

The Detoxifier

 This skincare product combination is perfect for those looking to soothe inflamed skin or to help unclog and cleanse the skin of toxic impurities that can lead to premature aging. The Detoxifier combines Balans [deep pore cleanser] with the Pearl Enzyme [exfoliating mask] to create a uniquely customized mask for a thorough cleanse and exfoliating cellular renewal.

Directions: To enhance your cleansing ritual, after cleansing and toning, mix Pearl Enzyme exfoliating mask in with your desired amount of Balans cleanser and apply to face using instructions on the Pearl Enzyme jar. Rinse when done and follow with själ treatment and/or crème of choice.

The Balancing Oily Skin Regimen

The combination recommended for the Balancing Oily Skin Regimen is a mixture of the Bio-Regeneratif Serum [active energy lift] and Cela Intuitif [light cellular renewal crème]. This combination is recommended for nighttime, and provides an intensely nourishing yet lightweight overnight treatment for those with normal to oily skin, or anyone who just prefers a lightweight crème.

Directions: At night after cleansing and toning, pump desired amount of Bio-Regeneratif Serum into hand. Scoop usual amount of Cela Intuitif crème into hand and mix products together. Apply all over face and neck as an overnight anti-aging and balancing treatment.


 The Light and Easy
For a hydrating and luminous step in your usual regimen, or for just an enhanced pick-me-up, the Light and Easy combination mixes the Mineral Källa [energy tonic] with the bestselling Saphir Concentrate [anti-aging face oil]. When used as a step in your cleansing routine, this mixture adds a layer of hydrating plumpness to the protection and balancing properties of the Mineral Källa tonic. As a refreshing, misting pick-me-up, this combination gives a luminous boost to your usual hydrating mist.
Directions: Add desired amount of Saphir Concentrate oil to your bottle of Mineral Källa tonic. Shake bottle to evenly distribute oil throughout, and mist all over face as needed.

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