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Buzzfeed Tried Jennifer Lopez's Skincare Routine And The Results Were Pretty Dramatic

Source - Buzzfeed wrote a fantastic article about one of their editors trying out Jennifer Lopez's skincare routine. As most of us know, själ's Saphir Concentrate Anti-Aging Face Oil is a very important player in JLo's routine.

For your convenience, we have included excerpts from this story below:

We all know Jennifer is blessed with beauty genes, but I really just wanted to know what skincare products she uses to obtain such a lovely, dewy face at 50 FREAKING YEARS OLD!

So, I started doing some research and – at first – I was really bummed because I was finding stuff I already knew, like wear sunscreen daily, drink lots of water, and get lots of sleep. Last year, she told In Style she tries to get 9-10 hours of sleep!

But, then I found the actual products she reportedly uses. In an interview with Well + Good, her makeup artist Mary Phillips said that Jennifer loves Själ Saphir Concentrate – a facial oil that contains aquamarine, botanical retinol, soothing blue chamomile, and a biomarine complex.

Here are my before pics. I am starting to get fine lines on my forehead, so I really hoped these products would help.

I applied the Själ Saphir Concentrate. The directions said you only need a couple drops... It has a mild floral scent, which was pleasant. I patted it in my face and neck and it seemed to absorb well.

I was already happy with the way my skin looked during the first week. It felt more ~plump~ and it looked more hydrated for sure. I felt like the cleanser was doing a good job of removing my makeup as well.

The following week, however, I was not so happy. I started having mad breakouts, my skin was angry! It wasn't that time of the month for me, so I started getting worried that some (or all) of the products weren't going to be a fit for me. After reading that my skin was probably purging from the new products, I decided to wait it out.

After that second week, I was glad I decided to wait things out. My skin was turning back to normal, except that lil' guy you can still see on my left cheek. I should also note that, in addition to taking collagen every day, I increased my water intake as well (in this pic I'm chugging a giant cup of H2O to start the day.)

I was starting to notice that these products were bringing a nice color to my face (usually my skin would be more dull looking). One bad thing, however, was that I had never had a zit last this long on my cheek. I think it was because of the thick cream I was applying in combination with all the other products. Maybe it wasn't able to "dry" out? IDK, but that part was really annoying!

Cheek pimple aside, the benefits were really showing at this point. I truly feel like that magical face oil was helping give my skin a permanent glow.

I was pretty shocked at how much my forehead lines were faded by the sixth week. They didn't seem as prominent as they were before, and my son agreed – I mean, look how excited he is for me.

For reference, here is my forehead in week three vs. week six: