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Get Under Your Skin (in a good way) with the Platinum Peptide Matrix

Regardless of the amount of crèmes and serums you apply to your face, how will you know they won’t just sit on your skin’s surface, washing down the drain the next time you scrub your face? 

The most effective skincare quickly absorbs to the skin, and delivers the best healing ingredients as well. Effective skincare ingredients have a ‘targeted delivery’ system - this means they can penetrate the skin’s superficial layers, reaching and repairing cells on a deeper level.

själ co-founder Kristin Petrovich sees first-hand how these targeted delivery systems work, and incorporates them into her products using one of the most effective forms - the Platinum Peptide Matrix.

Yes, ‘Platinum Peptide Matrix’ sounds like a sequel to a popular sci-fi movie, but it’s actually an intricate peptide built on biochemistry research, and consists of a liquid mixture of molecules containing potent platinum particles and complex peptides. Most people know platinum as the pricey, silver-white metal that is often used for jewelry and other high-quality products, but it is also the rarest and heaviest of all precious metals, and owes it's potency to it's extremely stable chemical structure. This stable chemical structure and naturally advanced "targeted delivery system" is what has lead platinum to be a main player in cancer treatments for targeting and delivering the treatment to the specific cells that need it most.

How exactly does this targeted delivery system work? The platinum peptide particle has a unique structure that bonds – or attaches – easily with other molecules, helping to deliver those crucial ingredients your cells need for repair (which is what makes Själ's healing and repair crème, Kura Intuitif [intense hydration crème] so potent.) In the Platinum Peptide Matrix, the platinum is connected to peptides, allowing for improved bio-distribution, A.K.A. the way in which your cells absorb molecules.

Now, what are peptides? Peptides are miniature proteins that are crucial for anti-aging skin care, as they help the skin renew and hydrate itself. We’ve all heard of collagen, that magical protein that keeps your skin supple and elastic. It’s a giant, insoluble molecule, too big for your skin to simply absorb. That’s why you can’t smear a handful of collagen on your face and expect results - it's like placing a stone on top of a boulder with the hope the boulder will ingest the stone! Try a product formulated with a potent platinum peptide and other actives that enhance the effectiveness of the peptide, like Själ's Bio-Regeneratif Serum [active energy lift].

However, when collagen begins to break down, it forms smaller proteins called peptides – which are small enough for your skin to absorb. Applying certain peptides to your skin signals your body to produce more collagen, and that in turn is what helps to keep your skin firm, smooth, and youthful.

själ takes these vital peptides to the next level - in products like Cela Intuitif [light cellular renewal crème] and others, when these peptides are connected to platinum particles, the result is a solution that’s extremely effective in targeting, reaching, and repairing cells within the skin’s deeper layers. It brings the most active and potent ingredients to the deepest layers of cells, hydrating the skin and promoting cellular renewal throughout.

Discover the science and power of platinum as an integral part of any anti-aging skincare routine. Shop Själ's collection of platinum peptide-infused products: The essential Bio-Regeneratif Serum [active energy lift]$275, for lifting and firming, the indulgent and potent Kura Intuitif [intense hydration crème], $260, and the lightweight Cela Intuitif [light cellular renewal crème], $260, for anti-aging and brightening, all available on


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