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Stones At Work


Since your "office"- whatever that may be in the context of your life- is a place where you spend large portions of time, it's especially wonderful to be able to incorporate crystals and gemstones into your work life to help keep it happy and vibrant. 

In stressful moments, having a few stones on your desk can help to de-stress when tensions run high. Simply seeing them there or holding one in your hand when you're on a high pressure situation helps to dissipate stress and keep your mind on point. Gifting stones to colleagues can also help those around you excel and make interpersonal interactions more stress free and pleasant, and is a nice way to spread positive energy throughout your workspace. There are so many ways to surround yourself with the energy of crystals and gems at work, from providing support and creative stimulation to helping communicate more clearly with coworkers. The following are some crystals and gems can be of benefit in the workspace, depending on your needs. 

Energy and Motivation
Lacking energy and motivation can directly impact your work productivity as well as your bottom line.
Calcite: A great energy amplifier
Carnelian: Increases positive feelings, drive, confidence, and motivation
Green Moss Agate: Increases hope and optimism, and improves self-esteem and self-confidence

Good leadership is essential for any business.
Green Aventurine: Reinforces leadership qualities and decisiveness, and helps push you outside of your comfort zone
Golden Beryl: Invokes the celestial Golden Ray of knowledge and learning to stimulate to stimulate the higher mind and enable the brain to function more efficiently
Chrysoberyl: Encourages self-discipline, self-control, ambition, and independence, and brings to light hidden talents
Amethyst: Helps to keep you calm and works with your intuition

Clear Thinking
Keeping a clear head and focusing on what is important will take you far in any workspace.
Kyanite: Increases capacity for logical thought, helps clear chakras
Lapis Lazuli: Encourages clarity and objectivity; helps give you strength
Chrysocolla: Encourages answers or solutions to become clear

Even a successful business needs constant refreshing, which is why creativity is an important trait to possess on the job.
Carnelian/Citrine: Encourages creative thinking and manifesting
Rhodochrosite: Stimulates the mind and enhances creativity
Tiger's Eye: Releases blocked creativity

Absorbing and Adapting to New Ideas
Resisting new ideas can be the downfall of potential - these stones help keep you agile and savvy.
Fluorite: Assists in absorbing new ideas
Blue Chalcedony: Opens the mind to novel concepts and helps you to accept new situations
Citrine: Encourages you to explore every avenue to find solutions

Public Speaking, Communication, and Teamwork
Clear communication can help you stand out from the pack.
Aquamarine: Removes difficult communication blocks and helps you to deal with difficult situations
Amazonite: Dispels negative energy and improves confidence and communication
Sodalite: Promotes harmony, trust, and unity of purpose between group members

In a competitive environment filled with recycled air, computers, and draining coworkers, you can use all the protection you can get.
Malachite: Protects against electromagnetic emanations from computers
Smoky Quartz: Shields you from the energy of negative or emotionally draining people
Agate: Shields you from those who don't wish you well and helps make them aware of what they are doing

Tips For A Better Daily Commute:
Sitting in traffic or standing in a packed commuter train or bus on the way to or from work can be stressful. In her book Crystal Energy: 150 Ways to Bring Success, Love, Health, and Harmony into Your Life, author Mary Lambert suggests keeping an amber stone in your car to maintain a supportive atmosphere. Sometimes called the "honey stone" because it is soft and warm to the touch, amber is known to have a calming energy that absorbs negativity. Place it on the dashboard or in the glove compartment. Envision the stone creating a ring of gold energy around the car that protects you from harm. Cleanse the stone every few months to keep it working for you. If you commute by public transportation, carrying an amber stone can have a similarly positive effect.


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