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Kristin’s Mother’s Day Selects

A beautifully curated selection of gifts for mom by själ founder Kristin Petrovich

Any day to celebrate mothers has our attention. And for all we do, moms love having a day to be appreciated. Here’s the selects from själ co-founder, Kristin Petrovich, who helms the luxury skincare line with her mom Karen. Gifts that are classic and beautiful — just like själ.

1. Slim Aarons “Eden-roc Poolside” framed print

I absolutely love the energy of this negative. Such a cool vibe — you just want to be there.

2. Isola d'Elba Fragrance Diffuser

I discovered this diffuser in Fiesole, Italy, just north of Florence. The scent takes me back to Italy.

3. Pom Bells Basil Magenta Napkin

I’m obsessed with napkins! I always have a simple flower arrangement on my table but like to add something fun or unexpected using printed napkins.  

4. Rattan Cage Pitcher

Love this vintage rattan look. The pitcher is perfect for cool beverages or flower arrangements or a summer table.

5. själ’s kura intuitif

The perfect nourishing cream for mommies, as we are the ultimate caretakers. The lightweight feel of the cream makes you feel like you are doing something extra for yourself.

6. Elemental Energy

Gemstones and crystals are at the core of every själ product. These earthly beauties achieve optimal beauty and wellness and, in my book Elemental Energy, learn the simple ways these beautiful stones can support and nurture us!

7. Marco Bicego Textured Earrings

 This special gift from my mom goes with everything. I love wearing them.

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