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Get More by Using Less in Luxury Skincare

Affordability may not be the first thing that comes to mind when considering själ, the luxury skincare line that includes precious minerals and gemstones in their formulas. But oh is it. And when we say gemstones, it’s indeed the baubles seen under glass display cases with the kind of security reserved for royalty.

Quality ingredients is precisely why själ is a skincare bargain. You don’t have to plunge your fingers into a mound of cream to get enough benefits to see results. A little goes a long way. 

Only the best

When setting out to create the själ luxury skincare collection over twenty years ago, co-founder, Kristin Petrovich, says her chemist dubbed the elixirs as a “blue sky formula.” There was no cost-analysis so they could make their dream beauty line. “Skin has to breathe,” says Kristin. “You can’t have petroleum jelly or its derivatives. You have to have lipids, minerals, because skin is a living organism.”

själ’s organic and pure ingredients are sourced from Europe. Similar to reading nutrition labels, a quality, high-performing skincare deck shouldn’t be crammed with chemicals and additives you don’t understand. “We have a nutritionally complete formulation that has to be fleshed out to support of the minerals of the amino acids,” Kristin says. “It’s about the synchronicity that happens between all the ingredients.”

Quality skincare is similar to good food, wine or fabric. Look to Europe for high standards because they GMOs and pesticides are avoided. Soil quality is simply better. “It is not a myth that it’s cleaner over there, most of our ingredients are from Europe,” Kristin says. “The innovation is better. We use platinum and copper as a delivery system, which is all European-based. A high vibrational frequency of a crystal charges a balance. It’s a natural driver to go to the frequency.”

Merging ancient and modern global medicines

själ taps into both Western medicine, which relies on science to treat the body, and more traditional Eastern medicine that concentrates on the balance of mind and body. It struck Kristin how merging the best of the two philosophies isn’t widely used. When it came to treating her own skin, she didn’t want to try a new luxury skincare line every week. Her goal was to find the best formulas that work and without an involved regimen. 

Cycle of själ

själ products can be effective for up to three years. A single product can last three to six months, two to three times a year, and even less if you combine with the full collection. It also depends on the person’s skin type. Kristin needed to use more product when she lived in Connecticut because harsh winters and having her fireplace in constant use dried out her skin. When she moved to Palm Beach, the lush climate requires less. 

Apply based on your hydration level and needs of your skin. When Kristin experienced a detox, she only used product from the nose down. “If you went out with your girlfriends for wine, drank a lot of coffee, use the oil and serum to help reinvigorate the skin,” Kristin adds.

Read the reviews

By using själ products, you are investing in your skin health and beauty. “It’s quality over quantity,” Kristin says, an account verified by overwhelmingly positive reviews. From Nordstrom to sjal’s positive press, top marks are consistent. Says verified customer Stephanie Hammock, “I knew it was working when a coworker who speaks little English said to me, ‘I love how your skin looks like glass.’ She meant smooth and själ helps with smoothness, texture and fine lines.” Hammock continues to write about its cost-effectiveness. She has been using the same själ product for over a year.

Luminous Living with Carol gives själ’s Bio-Regeneratif serum a high rating because it leaves her skin looking healthy and luminous. The serum quickly absorbs into the skin and has been a trusted product that she regards like a best friend. While pricey, Carol justifies the cost because it’s not a luxury but a health essential.

“Clients have remained loyal to själ since its inception in 2001 because it works.” says Kristin. “It was designed to be a classic. No one has time to do complicated regimens and obsess over their skin. You need a complete nutritional balance to get the results.”

All in the packaging

From fashion to skincare, luxurious packaging is part of the making of an icon. själ’s sculptural design would look right in place at a gallery or museum exhibition. From square boxes in the colors of matted gemstones, to airless pumps adorned with gold band trims, the high-performing packaging is an apt symbol of its luxurious contents. You could even say they do double duty as decorative items to add beauty to your vanity or medicine cabinet. Another cost-effective bonus? We think so.

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