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3 Tips for Flawless Skin: mother-daughter själ founders share their faves

Just in time for Mother’s Day, we have själ founders Kristin Petrovich and her mother Karen Petrovich, sharing some of their skin care expertise.

Since they founded själ 12 years ago, Kristin and Karen have traveled the globe, exploring ways to reverse signs of aging and protect the skin from stress. Here, they share their favorite ways to achieve flawless skin.

1.Stay balanced. Traditional Eastern medicine views health as a delicate balance, a life energy known as ‘chi’ (or qi). When you’re well, your chi flows freely through your body, unblocked, in perfect equilibrium.

själ, which is Swedish for ‘spirit, mind, heart and soul’, focuses on balancing this life energy. 

“This energy flow is vital to nurturing beauty and well-being,” says Kristin Petrovich. “Beautiful skin doesn’t just come from surface products. Maintaining a healthful diet increases the body’s ability to detoxify and repair itself. Cultivating a calm, peaceful spirit decreases the stress that contributes to aging.”

Look at your what face does when you’re frustrated or stressed. Your jaw tenses and your brows furrow. Your teeth clench and your lips disappear into a thin line. But when you’re relaxed, you’re taking deep, calming breaths. Your eyes are luminous and your cheeks are full. You can take years off of your face, just by controlling your stress levels.

By the way, the literal translation of chi is ‘breath’, so next time you’re feeling frazzled and need to readjust your energy balance, remember: just breathe.

2. Harness the energy of minerals and gemstones to make your skin glow.

Kristin explains, “that all matter has energy. Gemstones like diamonds, sapphires and rubies (all of which are found in själ’s patented gemstone blend) emit higher frequencies, which promote increased cellular energy and circulation.”

These precious elements direct energy to specific areas of need, helping your skin adapt to any condition, while still maintaining its clarity.

And minerals like gold, silver, copper and platinum (such as those found in själ’s platinum peptide complex) are efficient semiconductors, meaning they’re able to penetrate the skin at a cellular level, while increasing the effects of other ingredients at the same time.

3. Use the thin to thick method.

After gently cleansing your face, the first products you should apply are those with the thinnest consistency (such as själ's mineral källa energy tonic and/or bio-regeneratif serum).

Thicker products such as saphir anti-aging face oil, orbe eye contour and moisturizer such as cela or kura intuitif, may be applied afterward depending upon the skin's needs.

Karen explains this method “enables smaller molecules to penetrate the skin faster, as well as providing a hydrating base.”

Remember to use products according to your skin's hydration level, which varies daily. For example, skin that is fatigued from lack of sleep or constant travel can benefit from tonic and oil, or serum and oil, followed by a moisturizer. Balanced skin with minimal stress needs fewer products or a simpler regimen.   

And what about SPF? Broad-spectrum sunscreen should be the last thing applied to your face (under your make-up), because it is a barrier protection.

We hope you enjoyed these beauty tips from själ’s co-founders and mother-daughter team. Happy Mother’s Day from everyone at själ and feel free to contact us with some of your own and we’ll be back soon with more tips.

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