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Eye illumination with ‘Shiatsu Hematite Massage’

What does Hematite and skincare have in common? More than we think. This unassuming simple grayish black stone has been used for centuries for its powerful healing benefits, specifically in the regulation of blood circulation, detoxification and skin rejuvenation. Modern science discovered the rich content of iron in Hematite, which is known to stimulate the regeneration of collagen molecules. Iron is also one of the 5 trace elements that play a significant role in the oxygenation of skin. Known as a natural blood circulator and collagen stimulator, Hematite also acts as a natural cooling and calming mediator for the skin.

Combining therapeutic Shiatsu Hematite massage with effective skincare is a formula for skincare success. The ancient Japanese Shiatsu Facial Massage was the secret of ancient Japanese beauty. This age old technique relaxes facial muscles, helps clear sinuses, circles and puffiness and induces the flow of energy thus removing toxins and illuminating a glow. Shiatsu Facial Massage with hematite stones helps to loosen and free tension while providing deeper penetration of products. It slows down aging and helps in achieving healthier and younger looking skin.

själ’s orbe eye contour crème and Hematite duo considers all the factors involved in anti-aging and wellness. Integrating the ancient healing properties of Hematite with a perfectly bioengineered eye crème provides the eye area with advanced benefits from both worlds. While the Hematite works to stimulate circulation (relieving the eye area of apparent bags and toxic build-up), själ’s orbe eye contour crème’s new formula actively targets dark circles, puffiness and wrinkles.

Just when you thought this precious match can’t get better, it does. Orbe’s new formula not only targets every common concern for the eye area, its new amino acid complex works specifically to regulate moisture levels and retention capabilities. Finally a comprehensive eye treatment made simple.

The most delicate and frequently focused area of the face can now receive all of natures and sciences benefits in a single home treatment.

Orbe Eye Contour Creme is available at sjalskincare.com

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